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Every moment of your life isinfinitely creative. . .

—Shakti Gawain

Essays fro Eden

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Etain Collage/Creativity Workshops

The Way of the Priestess:
Hands of the Goddess
Tools of the Priestess:
    Wand of Desire
    Cup of Creativity
    Sword of Wisdom
    Dish of Abundance

A series of ritual/collage workshops especially designed for women who wish to explore their creativity, while honoring the archetypal Priestess aspect of self. The Priestess is that part of each one of us that works for and serves a higher purpose.

Brigit's Well:
Entering the Grove
Drinking from the Well
Claiming Your Magic
Sacred Fire
Stirring the Cauldron
Keeper of the Flame

A series of ritual/collage workshops for women for exploring creativity, honoring the feminine, and holding a vision for justice, equality, prosperity, and peace in our world.

Essence Series:

LuminEssence (Winter)—Uncovering the light within and cultivating trust in oneself as an endlessly creative being.
NumenEssence (Spring)—Recognizing your "wants" as the seeds of creativity.
NurturEssence (Summer)—That aspect of who we are that cultivates and nourishes creative dreams, ideas, and heartfelt desires.
NaturEssence (Autumn)—Harvesting your bountiful creativity. Are you willing to do what it takes to manifest your intention and create the life/world you want?

Creating a Collage Journal:

Incorporating pictures and words in a way that is fun as well as personally revealing; a powerful creative outlet for the expression of thoughts, feelings, and dreams. (At the Ringling College of Art and Design)

The Everyday Artist:

A 2-hour collage workshop especially for "non-artists" that provides an opportunity to express your own unique, innate artistic flair. Past workshop themes have included: Peace, Play, Community, Joy, Environment, Discovery, and Creative Vision.

Embracing Your Creative Potential:

Perfect for anyone who would like to explore more deeply his or her own creative process. Tools include collage as well as simple drawing and writing exercises. This interactive workshop is presented in five 3-hour sessions that can be scheduled as a weeklong seminar, a weekend intensive, or as a series meeting once a week for 5 weeks.

For Businesses:

Discovering and/or Defining Vision/Core Values and
Team Building. Designed individually with your business in mind.

No prior art or writing experience is necessary to enjoy any Etain Creativity Workshop


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