Essays From Eden is an ongoing, open-ended project to document the experience of humanity's role in the continuum of life. Designed by noted writer Linda Maree, in collaboration with award winning photographers Pat & Gary Nebel, the focus to date has been on Southwest Florida ecosystems and our own unique human relationship to the diverse flora and fauna that share this bit of semi-tropical biosphere.

Growing out of a love of nature and a passionate commitment to engendering a deep appreciation of Florida's unique wildlife and habitat, Essays from Eden is an opportunity to present, in image and in prose, an experience of beauty, awe, and delight in the wild. Approaching our world with eyes of wonder and discovery, we find that nature holds up a mirror in which we can all see the beauty, the intrinsic value, and the grace and symmetry of a healthy planetary relationship reflected back to us.

We will continue to share our discoveries and wonderment as this project unfolds.

Gary and Pat Nebel are award winning nature photographers.

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