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Linda Maree is a freelance writer and editor, whose work focuses on nature and ecology, creativity, and personal growth. She is the author of a monthly column, Living Green, and has written and edited copy for various publications as well as for private clients, both businesses and individuals.

Linda is also the editor of www.dwij.org, a Webzine that promotes conscious living and well being through education, information, innovation and creativity, and the author of the feature segment Etain: Empowered Change. She is the creator and facilitator of Etain Creativity Workshops, and the former publisher/editor of Positive Living magazine. Linda is currently working on a project, in collaboration with award winning nature photographers Pat & Gary Nebel, called Essays from Eden.

"I am so blessed to be doing work that supports my passion for writing, life-long learning, and frequent communion with nature. As a writer, I truly believe that when we all begin using our creative gifts and tremendous capabilities and talents to care for the environment and preserve the many species that co-exist with us in this complex, interconnected ecosystem we call Earth real change in our world will occur. To overcome the problems that threaten to destroy the very fabric of life, which is delicately woven like a fine gossamer lace about this planet, will take a sustained effort and strong commitment to a broader definition of reverence and compassion for all creation. This commitment provides the impetus and is the background on which my work is created." —Linda

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